Kamis, 22 November 2012

Koleksi dialog bahasa Inggris

Dialogue 1 in the house

Puspa is speaking to Gita for help her to do something. Puspa would like to ask Gita to clean the rooms.
Puspa : Excuse me Gita, can you help me ?
Gita : sure. What can I do for you ?
Puspa : please help me to finished clean the rooms. I’ll do other something .
Gita : okay. Puspa I’m glad to help you.
Puspa : Thank you very much Gita
Gita : You’re welcome.

Dialogue 2 in the telephone

Eggy want to play with Puspa. But Puspa is very busy. Because she is learning English.
Eggy : Hello, Puspa. What are you doing ?
Puspa : Hello, Eggy. Im learning English English.
Eggy : can we play for a moment ?
Puspa : I’m sorry Eggy . I can’t because I’m learning English now.
Eggy : it’s okay Puspa. I see

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